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Adult Criminal Defence

A criminal charge has serious consequences for you, your family, your employment, and your freedom. Don’t take chances with your future, contact a lawyer now.

Youth Criminal — Under 18

Make sure you are represented by a lawyer who understands the differences between youth and adult law and can meet the unique needs of younger clients.

Domestic Assault

Being charged with domestic assault can be a long and frustrating journey to get your family back and clear your name. You need a strong defence from a dedicated and experienced criminal lawyer.

Over 80 & Impaired Driving

Anyone can find themselves charged with drunk driving and the penalties can be severe. You need a lawyer with experience and knowledge in this very technical area of the law.

Legal Aid Certificates Accepted

Certain clients may qualify to have their legal fees paid for by Legal Aid Ontario if they meet certain eligibility criteria.

Legal Fees

Can I afford a lawyer?

We understand that hiring a lawyer is an unexpected expense, but it’s important that you do this right. Your future depends on it. Legal fees can quickly add up, though. That’s why we offer set block-fee arrangements and payment plans. This gives you some certainty of cost and allows you to spread payments out over time instead of paying all at once.

Everyone deserves affordable, quality legal representation.
Full Case Review

We will complete a comprehensive review all of the evidence in your case to make sure no stone is left unturned in your defence.

Court Attendance

Criminal charges involve a lot of court appearances. In most cases we’ll attend court for you so you don’t have to miss work or school.

Strong Representation

We’ll take every step to resolve your case early, but if the case goes to trial you can be sure we’ll fight for you and protect your rights to the end.

Speak to a Lawyer Now

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Bo Arfai

Founding Lawyer
Bo Arfai prides himself on providing each client with a strong and zealous defence, while emphasizing patience, empathy, and open communication in the lawyer-client relationship.